Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Of Coat Tails and Theology

Have you ever heard the phrase, "hanging on your parents coat tails?" It's usually used to imply that someone just takes what his parents have taught him without really giving any thought as to why. When it comes to what you believe about salvation and theology, that can be dangerous, not because your parents might give you misinformation, but because if you don't know why your parents told you something, it will be very easy for someone else to flip your boat by questioning it.

(Quick note, I think that what your parents tell you is really important! If you have godly parents, don't ever underestimate how valuable that is!)

Which is (one of the reasons) why it's important not just to know something, but to know why you know what you know.
It's like this:
It's really important not just to know what you know, but to know why you know what you know. Because if you know why you know what you know, then you know that anyone else who doesn't know why you know what you know won't know how to rock what you know because you know why you know what you know! It's that simple!
Ok, anyway,
So that's the road I'm on now. I, as we all do, have presuppositions and assumptions that I sort of absorbed while I was growing up as far as theology is concerned. In the circles that I was raised in, theology was sort of a tainted word. For the most part, it was considered something that only the high minded people in seminaries ever thought about, and they usually eventually went off the deep end (at least, the ones that I heard about). So we didn't study theology, and just 'believed what the Bible said.' While that sound nice, the problem with it is that we ALL have a theological worldview, wether we like it or not. Saying that we don't simply means that we're less epistemologically self conscious than the "theologians" are.

Over the last year or so, I've been realizing that the world of theology is a bit more complicated than I had previously thought, and that I don't really know what I believe. I'm what would be called a 'theological light-weight.' Now don't panic, I'm not questioning my Christian faith, or wondering wether the Bible is true or not. I know why I believe the Bible is true, and that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Way. But as far as the finer points of Christian beliefs are concerned, I don't know what I believe. Am I pre, post, or a-milleniel? Do I believe in Covenant theology or Dispensationalism? Am I "Reformed?" Questions, questions, questions. I have opinons on some of the afore mentioned views (and many, many more), but I have yet to come to a really solid conclusion on any of them (perhaps aside from wether or not I'm "Reformed"). 

"So why is he telling me all of this?" you might wonder. Well, I tell you this because I think I'm going to document some of my theological journeys on this blog. So if you're the type who can't stand being around people that you disagree with, here's your heads up! However, I do hope that you are the type of people who like to discuss things with others, even when they disagree with you. I read a lot of books, and listen to even more audiobooks and sermons, so I'll probably post my musing and thoughts here about what I've been reading/listening too.

So there you have it! Please tag along with me on my search for truth!!!

Semper Reformanda!!!  


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