Monday, June 14, 2010

Razor in mouth

I was on facebook last night, and this was one of the ads that came up on the side:

Now to the casual (and possibly public schooled) observer, this would just look like your average razor ad, no big deal. And it wouldn't be a huge deal, except for these six words: "This is NOT your parent's razor!". I took this screen shot right before clicking the little "X" at the top right of the ad and when it asked why I wanted to remove it, I labeled it "Offensive". And it was, to sheltered, home schooled, Christ loving me. I love my parents, a LOT, and would be proud to say "I use a razor that is identical to the one my Dad uses". Even though it's not the newest, or most expensive, or the "Coolest way to shave". It cuts off the little bit of scruff that I have, and that's good enough for me!

But aside from the razor business, what is this ad communicating? 150 years ago most people would have seen the message that they were portraying, other then, "Buy me", They're saying, "You don't need your parents razor, your parents razor stinks!!!! Get this new one that's soooo much better!!!". Now you may say that I'm reading between the lines a little too much, and that that's not what they were trying to say. And on one hand, you would be right, but it's the policy of the matter. They probably would have used a different catch phrase if the culture was one that respected our parents and our parents ideas and ways of thinking. For example, if we lived in a parent honoring society, they might have said something like "Try the best new razor in the US! Your parents will be amazed!

But not so today. Now kids are segregated off to they're respective school rooms at 5 years of age, and from then on taught that they are part of a neighborhood, of a peer group, and that parents are "Old fashioned", and "Out dated". They should go to they're friends for advice, not the wiser generations that have been around for many more years.
Remember Rehoboam (1 kings 12)? What did he do? When the people asked him to lighten they're burdens, he consulted the wise older men, who suggested that he listen to the people. Then his friends or "Peers", and they said he should make they're burdens heavier. And what happened to him because he listened to his friends? He lost almost all of Israel.

So let us honor, respect and love our parents, with all our being. With out your parents, there is no you! Thanks Mom and Dad!!! Love you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prequels of something to come

Well I just thought I'd let all y'all (curtsey of Audra - the all y'all thing) that my friend Peter and I are scripting out the... um... script of a short movie! It's going to be about the the kids do while Dad and Mom are out of town, and all that ensues.


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