Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Dwight!!! Day One.

I don't think that any words can sufficiently describe Camp Dwight. Words like: Magnificent, Amazing, Extreme fun, Fellowship, Etc, come to mind, but they just don't cuite capture it.
Rather then just jump around, I'll just tell it in the the order that it happened.
First off, for all you out there who haven't gone to Camp Dwight, or even heard of it I'll give a little back ground. Camp Dwight is a family camp. So the whole family goes. From great-grandpa,(104) to little Baby (3 months). It's a great time of fellowship with other like minded, normal, (complete freak by the worlds standards) christian homeschoolers.
We got there about 3pm on friday so that we would could get a good spot to set our tent up before everybody else arrived. Once the tent was up, we conversed with the Huntfords (who had staked they're claim right next to ours) for a bit and then headed to see who else we wanted to talk too (I forgot to grab my camera so I don't have any photos from the first day, major Oops). After milling around for a few hours enjoying ourselves and waving at the people that were steadily arriving, that glorious dinner bell rang out with a resounding noise, beckoning us to the gazebo where we would take our sup. Diner was a rather interesting taco salad, made with, not tocos, but those thick, almost cup shaped chips. It was REALLY good. I sat with several different people while munching away, talking happily with squires and knights alike who I hadn't seen in several months, and some that I had seen just last week. After dinner everybody started making they're way into the main building for the evening meeting. Mr. Voetburg had heard a man by the name of Jerry Benjamine speaking at some other conference, and liked him so much that he talked to Mr. Johnson about having him come share at Camp. He did come and shared three times, once at each meeting for about an hour. He was really good. His messages were REALLY thought provoking. After the meeting most of the kids started playing carpet ball, foosball, ping-pong, or just talk. Chad Johnson, (Burnells son) decided to do something that I thought was a little funny. He called it "Mingle". It was for all you young singles 18-35, (but I saw several people that I knew weren't quite 18, more like 15) and they all got in a group and then chad would call out a number, and then every body got into a group with that many people in it. I was contented to play carpet ball and talk.
That night Ben, Steven, Judah, Jesse and I slept under the stars out in the exces parking field. After laying there for about half an hour, playing with lights and lasers, it became obvious that we needed to move over about 20 feet to keep from getting run over by cars that were leaving late. I slept soundly, for most of the night.
To be continued, With Photos!

Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Off!!.... Well, almost

CAMP DWIGHT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! We're all packing stuff into the car (except for me of course, I'm updating all of you, but I will be) I'm hoping Dad will take the netbook so that I can blog while I'm there.
See Y'all there!!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prequels of something to come, something different this time,

I've ordered something off the Internet, so I thought I'd just tell you what it is... NOT!!! You'll have to wait and see (No hints Peter!). I'm really excited, and just can't wait until it gets here in a few days... OK, maybe I can wait. After all, I don't really have a choice. I'll give you a few hints: It's Small, quite small, it's round, and shiny.
Y'all can try to figure out what it is!! (Except you Peter. You already know)
Until then!
Sir Paul

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Exciting Days Ahead!!

I'm really looking forward the the next month!!!! This weekend is the 4th of July, and we'll be going to the Gottshalks or the Boohers to celebrate. Then Ross will be flying in for two weeks!!!Then I turn seventeen (Which is almost as exciting as this next one). Then we have Camp Dwight!!!!!! The BEST three days of the year (I look forward to them more then my birthday)!! Then Ross fly's back (Not looking forward to that one). And then we fly to Pennsylvania for YHEC nationals!!!!
I am super busy right now, as you can guess.
I'm also looking forward to all the great people that I'm going to see at all of these!


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