Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hay Ride!

October 31st just happened to be on a Sunday, so that evening Ross and I went to home group as usual, which was meeting in the basement, as not quite as usual. The reason was that the house we were meeting at was in a neighborhood that persecutes christians on October 31st by sending little people dressed in nasty costumes begging for candy. In other words, we met in the basement so that we could leave all the lights upstairs turned off so that trick or treaters wouldn't come knocking. 

After we left there, we headed to Ann Arbor Baptist church to see some old friends who had congregated there for the harvest party. After playing a really long game of capture the flag, we went for a hay ride. That was pretty fun, and probably would have been more so if I had been able to feel the tips of my fingers.

The Photographer strikes back!

Projects, Projects, Projects.

There's so much to do, and I took so many photos, that I'm just going to post them by project, rather then in the order that I did them.

Here we have the range that Ross got off Craigslist. It was set up to use propane so we ( I ) had to convert it for Natural Gas (Also known as LP) There was a little valve on the back that needed to be flipped, and the nozzles on each burner needed to be swapped out with the LP one's that were in a bracket on the back of the Range.

This is what it took to get the nozzles in there. The screwdriver has a drill attachment in it that has a magnet in it with an adapter for the nozzle.  

Here's the whole thing.

I wonder how many volts are coursing through that little piece of metal.

It's... It's... Alive!!!! And I didn't even brake it!

The first usage made it well worth the work.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More House quirkiness

Here's an array of photos from random places around the house, some of which exhibit a fair amount of quirkiness, others, the lack of attention this house has had in the last few years, and still others, just flat out weirdness.

The safety board probably wouldn't approve.

Say, "yuk"!

Isn't our pantry lovely?

TV cable sticking out of the wall, with out a box. I'll probably take it out.

This is in the 1/4 bath (It's not a half because it doesn't have a sink) It's another light fixture that he didn't hook up, so the wires (which are hot by the way) are just capped off.

The wall is has a weird board on it that they put up to cover up the wall, probably because it was damaged and they didn't want to bother fixing it.

So THAT's why our phone doesn't work.

The door to our lovely pantry.

That thing on the wall is the old well pump. The house is now on city water, but they didn't bother to take the pump out.

We're still unsure what this area is. Ross dubbed it "The cat burial ground". It's like they forgot to excavate this section of the basement, so they just left it.

"One Beggar", free with your new house.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Getting Started

Before we could doing the major remodels we had to get the house livable. "livable" you ask? Well, we had to get the toilets working, (neither one worked when we got there) there was no water line to the fridge, the range needed a gas line installed, the tub spout wouldn't divert water the shower head, a lot of light fixtures needed bulbs, Etc.
That nut did not want to come off. I had to put just about all my weight on the tank to get it to turn.

After almost an hour of working at it, success!

The old, and the new.

The finished product.
The other toilet didn't need near as much work, just a new flapper and seal ring.
Weird bulbs.


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