Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Corporation's are Like Children.... Maybe

Reading an article about the recently released movie Ex Machina got me thinking, and this is what I thought.

So, there's these things out there, corporations, and they're kind of like children, only really, really big. They do all sorts of interesting things, invent cars that don't use gasoline, computers that fit in your pocket, and pull liquid energy from nearly 10,000 feet below the sea. But they're also foolish, and don't know what's best for them or the economy. There also aren't any mechanisms or systems to keep them in check like competition, economics, or voluntary certification boards (what a silly idea). The only thing that can keep these big, stupid corpo-children from destroying themselves and all of humanity (and possibly the last vinyl record ever signed by John Lennon), is the corporation's big brother, your best friend, and the savior of mankind (which they do lovingly, for a small fee): The government! That's right! Though corporations are basically like children, the government is completely comprised of angels and their harmless toy poodles! They'll make sure nothing bad ever happens! yay!

But in all seriousness, I do find it interesting that this article in the NY Times (and the movie, which I've not seen) presents as the solution to the potential risk of AI's to be government regulation. I probably tend to lean too far to the libertarian side of things, and government does does have a role in society, but without a doubt it's too large, and seems to be the magic tonic that will solve all of our problems if only we will entrust them with a little more power.


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