Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Becoming One of the Older People

I'm Curious, did any of you when you were younger (say 5-16), run into the annoying situation while at group get togethers (homegroup, church, family camps), where the a lot of the younger kids would be playing a game like soccer, and all of the older kids (16-25~) would be sitting around talking, and would hardly ever play the games? And then you'd go and ask them to play, but they'd just keep talking, and maybe once in a while come out and play for a few minuts, and when they did, it was like the most awesome thing ever, and if you got them on your team, victory was guaranteed?

I remember being in that position, and thinking that all of the 'old kids' got annoying because all they wanted to do was talk! I mean, how boring is that!?!

But now that I've graduated to the category of 'old kid,' I can understand why they always wanted to talk. Now I'm torn when the littler kids come to me asking me to play soccer/volleyball/ultimate frisbee, because I am really enjoying the conversations I'm having, and yet, I can understand their plight, (plus the afore mentioned sports are really fun).
Have any of you, wether you're in the 'young kids' or 'old kids' category run into this problem? And if so, What do you usually do?


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