Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camp Dwight!!! Day Two. Part 2

So After swimming and kayaking in the pond, playing volleyball, and more conversations, the time came!

Every Camp Dwight, on Saturday, they roll out a HUGE sheet of plastic all the way down the hill, and then bring out a fire hose (hooked to a pump in the pond) and soak the whole thing and douse it with lots of joy. Both the emotion kind and the type that comes in a bottle. Chad Johnson (thy stud with the hose) has everybody go in wave so that injuries are kept to a minimum. First, the boys, under 15, then the girls, also under 15, then men 15 and up, and the ladies of the same age range.
Go Christopher!!! (Camo swim trunk.)

Clean up on isle four!

My attempt at getting a moving background and a clear person.
All the foam collecting at the bottom
The aftermath
After all the joy was gone (the soap) everybody slowly made there way over to the gazebo for lunch, which, as usual, was very delicious.
Serving once...
Serving twice...

My brother Ross is the third from the left, eating the noodles.

Yep, That's Ben all right.
Why does food do such weird things to guys?

So now I'm just going to post a bunch of randome pictures from Camp.
Daniel (red shirt) chillen with his sis (sprained ankle)

Slack lining!



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