Thursday, April 14, 2011

Answers to Prayer, it a little thing

So a little background.
My eldest Brother Ross is coming home from Michigan this summer for about a week, and while he's here, we'd like to go cross country mountain biking. So there was this sale on a website called "groupon" that was offering a shuttle service un the Willamette river to drop bikers off at the head of the trail, and then they ride back to the bottom, where they're cars would be.
So I was looking at the sale tonight, and realized that it was going to end in about 3 hours, and it was already almost eight at night! Uh oh, I hadn't confirmed with Ross that we were going to do this, so I still needed to call him, but it was almost midnight back in Michigan. I asked mom if she thought it would be too late to call Ross (though, I had a feeling I knew what she was going to say) and she said it was (Rats!). So, with bated breath, I Prayed "Lord, have Ross be on his email" then I checked Gmail to see if maybe he was online. Nope. Double rats!
Then my Cell Phone rang.
"No, that couldn't be him."
Sure enough, Ross was calling me! And guess what he wanted to talk about?!?!
Yep, the bike trip. It turned out that he had been at a friends house tuning they're piano, and then had stayed for dinner and ping-pong. So he was driving home late, and remembered that the sale was ending tonight, so he called me.
I prayed for him to be online, and it's almost like God said "Emails too slow. Here, I'll have him call you".



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