Thursday, January 12, 2017

We Can Live Honestly, Because We Are Loved

This video is really interesting. There's a lot of truth here, about how we limit ourselves by the lies we believe, about how we live in fear of what other's will think. Kyle's biggest point though, to me, is how we so often can't accept the love of others, we can't believe they really mean it, because we don't love ourselves.

"How could they really love me? I'm not worthy" we tell ourselves.

"They're just saying that to be nice. If they only really knew what I was like, what I have done, then they wouldn't love me."

But for for those who have been saved by Christ's blood, we can love who we are because Christ loves who we are. If the God of the universe, Who knows EVERY single thing we've done, even the things we ourselves have long forgotten, loves us, who are we to differ with Him and distain the very thing He loves?

Some might take this as license to live life according to their own flesh, but it's precisely because our Father loves us that we can be okay with where we are, with who we are, yet also desire to become more like our lover, more like Christ.

That's the key that makes Kyle's message resonate, at least for me. I am lovable because I am loved, and I can live passionately, honestly, vulnerably, because no matter what other's think of me, I know what my Savior thinks of me.

He loves me.

And that is enough.



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