Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow pictures!

Sorry this has taken so long to post these. I've been quite busy until now.
So, we got about 5 inches of snow!! It was so Beautiful outside! The trees looked like something out of a movie. every branch, every twig, was outlined by snow. These pictures don't do it justice.

His back yard.

That's how much snow we got. All in one night!

It's really cold too. At the time I took this photo, I think it was about 16ยบ outside.

This build up is pretty standard out here. Just about all the cars have it. It's pretty weird.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


It's finally snowed!!!! After being almost three weeks late, it's finally here!!!! We've only got about 5 INCHES right now, and it's supposed to snow more during the night!!! Yippee!!!! A friend of ours just bought a big snow blower, so in a few days, we're going to head to his house to make a fort with the snow blower. "How?" you ask?  Well, it'll throw the snow about 25 feet, so we'll clear a circle, and start blowing inwards, and just keep clearing until we get a huge pile in the middle, then we'll make a big fort out of it!!! I'll post pictures soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leaf Removal

Ok, so the leaves have been gone for almost two weeks now (or at least, that's when the city pick-up service ended), but I just realized that I never told all you how the people in the city deal with all  they're lawn "refuse". After raking all the leaves into piles, the city has told them that they aren't allowed to burn them, so, using tax dollars, they supply a lawn "refuse" removal service. So after getting the leaves into piles, they aren't allowed to strike a match (I can here my fellow county boys gasping), they have to get them all into paper bags and line them up by the road. I was assuming that this would be no big deal, but have you ever tried to shovel leaves with a snow shovel into a bag that has about an 18" diameter opening. Now, add onto that all those nasty little twigs that make it very hard to pick up a shovel sized load of leaves, instead you get about three, and then the weight of all the extra hanging off the sides makes them all fall off! Arrg! But despite all these obstacles, and the feeling of defeat, I prevailed!!! Here is a picture of my triumph:
I know, it doesn't look much like some majestic sward or lance, but hey, could you imagine trying to move leaves with a lance? Have to run them through, and then wipe them off into the bag? That would take forever!

A Tribute to Kitttens.

Oh how I love thee, thou fair and sweet kitty,
For moments on end,
you chase for your tale,
But it seems to me,
that you shan't prevail.

You sleep the day through,
you play all the night,
oh kitty why can't you
please turn out the light.

The laser goes up,
the laser goes down.
The laser makes kitty,
run round and round!

I don't know, I just felt like writing that. And this has absalutly nothing to do with my trip to Michigan, other then that I miss our little kitties. With that, here's some funny photos of our cats.
Kitties not sure if he's a cat, or a spider. Maybe he's SpiderCat!!

One can only wonder what they're thinking.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Look at the white one. He's getting squished!

Now for some more somewhat random Cat pictures:

Ohhhh He's so Cute!!!

I has conquered the horse, you next!

Let me go!!


He silently plots his revenge.

Ok, I know Ruger isn't a cat, but this was too funny not to stick in here.
Ya gotta love cats!! (and dog)


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