Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just a Couple

I was reading a post that someone wrote about how the size of your family growing up can effect the size your own family. This is an excerpt of what one of the commenters said.
I have a sister, and the two of us were super close growing up. Now I have two boys, and they are practically inseparable despite the 3.5 yr age difference. I am thrilled. And I feel like I should *want* to be done having children now -- the little one is going to be 5 in three weeks and starting [kindergarden] in the fall, and I am 35.
My first reaction when reading this was "3.5 years? That's isn't very much. I'm that far from my little brother." (who is #4 out of 6)
I don't often read blogs (or comments) on secular blogs, but this one caught my eye for some reason (perhaps because the reason that I found her blog was because she had a blogger how-to), but it was interesting to see that almost all of the commenters (114 at time of writing, note, I didn't read ever single one, but quite a few, ) were voicing an opinion more or less similar to the one quoted above. It was kind of sad to read really. They all had been so influenced by the worlds self-centered view of children, and didn't really view them as blessings. Here's a really good article by one of the moms in our church about children as blessings.
Fortunately, the commenter above did say after this:
But I still want one more baby.
Just keep saying that after each one ok? Your kids will thank you for it! Trust me! :)
I know that most of my readers are probably of a similar mindset as I am on this topic, but do you have any thoughts that you'd like to add?


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