Sunday, April 15, 2012

True Chivalry by Sophia Smithe

Here's a really good poem by Sophia over at Sophias Siege. May we all in this generation work to restore the concept of Godly chivalry.

“Let the women and children be first”
Rose the courageous cry
From the throngs of men aboard the ship
Who were destined that day to die

Their hearts were saddened by the grim proposition
Yet they clung to their manhood and stood
Willing and ready to give their own lives
As a man of true chivalry should

Nary a word of dissent was heard
Upon the forlorn decks
As scores of men boldly met their deaths
And were buried at sea with the wreck

A century past, and the men of our day
Have all but forgotten the call
Of “Women and Children first, Gentlemen;
Let not one of them fall”

 The sacrifice of Titanic’s heroes
Must shine out to the end
“Greater love hath no man than this:
That he lay down his life for his friend”



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