Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Bride of Christ

"I do."

Those are two words which I look forward with great anticipation to saying, to know and be known through and through by a woman with whom I can share everything that I am, every hurt and every joy, every laugh and every cry. And yet, how much more should we long for that kind of relationship with our Lord? Ultimately, that's the purpose of marriage; to portray to the world the kind of relationship that we will have with the Son. He is the ultimate Bridegroom, and we, The Church, are the Bride of Christ.

This is one of the reasons why divorce is so destructive . It's not just two people breaking a convenient that they made before the Almighty God, but because their marriage is so much more then that. God didn't institute marriage simply as a means to propagate the human race, nor to make us happy. He designed it to be a picture of something that is much more, something beyond us. Marriage is a picture of the relationship that the Son will have with his Church! This is the reason why there are such harsh punishments for people who divorce and who commit fornication, it's a blatant violation of the marriage covenant, and what the marriage represents!
The culture has really lost sight of the holiness and sanctity of marriage in our day and age. So let us be the shining lights in this dark world of what marriages should really look like!


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