Monday, April 9, 2012

Semper Reformanda

I came across the phrase "Semper Reformanda" in the signature of a blog I follow (Sophia's Siege) and didn't know what it meant. So I, not being one to just pass over something I don't understand when I have the whole internet at my fingertips, did a quick search, and this is what I found:
Ecclesia semper reformanda est Latin for "the church is always being reformed", sometimes shortened to semper reformanda, "always being reformed"
Here's a life principle that we would all benefit from. I've met people who are set in their ways, and not open to critiques, and they always seem to be, well, kind of stale for lack of a better word. We should always be striving for closer adherence to God's word, and to be open to being corrected by others, we all (at least, I know I do) have blind spots that we can't see, but may be blindingly obvious to others, so when they point them out, thank them! We all need one another to help build each other up!


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