Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Gimme Generation

We live in an entitlement culture.

I doubt that any of you balked at that statement.
Everyone feels that they 'deserve' something or other.
"I deserve a well paying job."
"I deserve to go to college."
"I deserve a break."  
Or my favorite, which I saw on a billboard for a grocery store recently:
"You deserve fresh."
Whenever I see a billboard that says something like, "You deserve fresh produce," my first reaction (and one that I often make out loud while I'm driving), is WHY?
WHY do you "deserve a well paying job?!" Did you work hard? Are you industrious?
WHY do you "deserve to go to college?!" Because you got good grades in preschool?
WHY do you "deserve a break?!" Because you are just sooo awesome? WHY!?!?

The feeling that we are owed anything, just because, is a huge problem in our society. It can come from a lot of different places, and things like allowances are probably about the worst.
Think about it, Dad goes to work everyday, and brings home a paycheck because he has been productive ( <-- key word there). But now, little Johnny and Sally want their part of it, so Daddy kindly gives them a portion of his salary. "Why" you may ask? He may have any number of reasons:

"Because they're not old enough to earn money themselves."
Let me get this straight, because he's not old enough to earn some money, he deserves to have it handed to him on a silver platter? So when he's old enough to earn money himself, is he just going to stop taking the free money from you?
"Because they've just been so good this week,"
Hmm, I sure didn't get paid to behave. Good behavior was expected of me. I was punished for bad behavior.
"Because they deserve it."
No comment.
Etc, etc, and etc.

We need to develop an earned mentality. Don't give me something because I deserve it. Give it to me because I earned it by doing something! Live so that you can say:
"I earned the privilege of a well paying job." Because I worked hard to get there.
"I earned the privilege of a college education." Because I studied hard, and can afford it.
"I earned the privilege of taking a break." Because I've been working hard. (Just make it a short break.)


And whatever you do, please, Please, PLEASE do NOT give your kids an allowance. Ever. Being on the parent dole is just one step from being on the government dole, and we know where that leads. Just say no! (And make that little guy rake the leaves or something. So what if he's only 3. Trust me, he'll thank you for it later.)


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