Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Value of Family

I sit here in Michigan, the house is empty because my older brother has yet to return, having just finished reading through the list of blogs that I follow, and I'm stuck by how much I miss my family. One of the blogs I follow is by a mom who's blog posts are almost always pictures and stories about her family. What they've been doing, the good and bad things that have happened, things like that. I love they're family, and reading about what they've been up to, but not as much as I could ever love my own! I know the phrase "you never miss it till it's gone" it cliché, but it still rings true. My days now consist of sleeping, reading my bible, working, blogging, math, piano, working on my car, and various others minor things, so my time is filled (maybe too filled, I've already worked 30 hours this week, and it's only Wednesday), but even though I'm busy, several times a day, I'll be doing something, and it will remind me of what a family member has, or would do in that situation. Or I'll be working on my car, and be searching the internet because I can't figure something out on it, and I'll think "I bet dad would know how to fix this, to bad it's 5am back home". I know that I often took them for granted, but now, where I only get to see them on short vacations, it makes my time with them so much more valuable. One day all my siblings will be married, we'll all live in different houses, and we'll only see each other on occasion. But right now, accept for Ross, they're all conveniently living in one place. I can't wait until this march when I'll get to go back and visit.
So I guess what I'm trying to say with all of that is this: God gives us a limited amount of time with our families, and we don't know when that time will pass, so appreciate it right now! Don't wait until tomorrow to tell your mom that you love her, or your dad that's he's awesome, do it right now! They have sacrificed more then your or I can ever imagine for they're children, and a quick "I love you" can be remembered for years to come.


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