Saturday, January 28, 2012

A suiters questions

Earlier today, I was reading through my blog list, as I am apt to do, and I came across this post.
Courtship Questions for Potential Suiters Over at "Your Sacred Calling". It's well worth reading for any of you guys reading this (and gals too, it's helpful to know what were thinking about). I really found the spiritual list convicting, and helpful. I can't answer many of the bullet points, and some I am able to answer well. List's like this can be very helpful, in that they can show us our weak points, so that we can strive to strengthen them. When it comes to doctrine, and what I believe about "x", I am very weak. I had a discussion with a very Godly father a couple of weeks ago, and he really showed me how little I actually can say "This is why I believe this". So I'm on a journey, studying the bible, and filling in gaps. Do head over to Your Sacred Calling, and poke around. There's lots of things to be learned from wise people like Mrs. McDonald.


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