Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hay Ride!

October 31st just happened to be on a Sunday, so that evening Ross and I went to home group as usual, which was meeting in the basement, as not quite as usual. The reason was that the house we were meeting at was in a neighborhood that persecutes christians on October 31st by sending little people dressed in nasty costumes begging for candy. In other words, we met in the basement so that we could leave all the lights upstairs turned off so that trick or treaters wouldn't come knocking. 

After we left there, we headed to Ann Arbor Baptist church to see some old friends who had congregated there for the harvest party. After playing a really long game of capture the flag, we went for a hay ride. That was pretty fun, and probably would have been more so if I had been able to feel the tips of my fingers.

The Photographer strikes back!


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