Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More House quirkiness

Here's an array of photos from random places around the house, some of which exhibit a fair amount of quirkiness, others, the lack of attention this house has had in the last few years, and still others, just flat out weirdness.

The safety board probably wouldn't approve.

Say, "yuk"!

Isn't our pantry lovely?

TV cable sticking out of the wall, with out a box. I'll probably take it out.

This is in the 1/4 bath (It's not a half because it doesn't have a sink) It's another light fixture that he didn't hook up, so the wires (which are hot by the way) are just capped off.

The wall is has a weird board on it that they put up to cover up the wall, probably because it was damaged and they didn't want to bother fixing it.

So THAT's why our phone doesn't work.

The door to our lovely pantry.

That thing on the wall is the old well pump. The house is now on city water, but they didn't bother to take the pump out.

We're still unsure what this area is. Ross dubbed it "The cat burial ground". It's like they forgot to excavate this section of the basement, so they just left it.

"One Beggar", free with your new house.


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