Thursday, November 18, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects.

There's so much to do, and I took so many photos, that I'm just going to post them by project, rather then in the order that I did them.

Here we have the range that Ross got off Craigslist. It was set up to use propane so we ( I ) had to convert it for Natural Gas (Also known as LP) There was a little valve on the back that needed to be flipped, and the nozzles on each burner needed to be swapped out with the LP one's that were in a bracket on the back of the Range.

This is what it took to get the nozzles in there. The screwdriver has a drill attachment in it that has a magnet in it with an adapter for the nozzle.  

Here's the whole thing.

I wonder how many volts are coursing through that little piece of metal.

It's... It's... Alive!!!! And I didn't even brake it!

The first usage made it well worth the work.


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