Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SteadiCam and My Absence

Sorry all that I've been gone for so long. I'm spending all my spare time working on my steadicam, which I hope to sell small scale, and I want to have prototype V2 ready by this friday, because my brother Ross and I will be driving to CO for Generations with Vision's Shepherding Conference. I know that there will be some people there more involved with the Christian Independent film market (like Kevin Swanson), so hopefully I'll be able to get some advice, and maybe even some exposure!
We will be leaving this friday, and It's a twenty hour drive from here to there, and we're pretty much going to do it all at once, so maybe I'll have some time then to get some photos up.


Lisa said...

Hi Paul!!

David was going through pictures of his CO trip with us a couple days ago, and that brought up the story of him meeting you at the C's house!! What a small world! He got to that picture of you guys together and he asked if I recognized who you were. I had somewhat of a feeling of what you looked like from your blog, but looking at the picture he had, I was having a hard time because I couldn't picture you talking or any facial expressions (obviously!). But then it started clicking, and I started going "oh, oh, oh...."

Too funny!!! Maybe we'll meet up someday...who knows? :D

In Him,

Paul Leavitt said...

I know! I've even met people here in MI who used to live in Oregon who know a lot of people that I know back in OR! One family we met here even knew us from a book that we're in, without knowing that it was us!
When he got out of the car, my first thought was "he looks familiar..." but I couldn't place his face. And then he introduced himself as David, and said that I looked familiar. then it a lightbulb turn on and he was like "oh! I follow your blog!" Then it all clicked!
Perhaps we will! Just come visit the C's sometime, Ross and I will be coming through CO multiple times over the next few years.

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