Thursday, October 28, 2010

Humble beginnings

Howdy from Michigan!
Just in case I didn't tell all of you (Which I probably didn't, Oops) I'm in Michigan helping my big brother Ross fix up the 'fixer-upper' that he bought on the 18th. It's 1080 sq ft, and is very... quirky, shall we say. It is definitely a good house for "My first Fixer-Upper". it has a basement with a rather low celling, and all the wires, pipes and everything else are easy to get to, so I don't have to go crawling around in a crawlspace!
Here are a few photos:

Notice that beautiful color on the front door. Yep, It's gonna go, along with the door itself, it's fairly hard to open due to the fact that it's coming apart at the seams, and the paint job isn't all that great. Ok, It's TERRIBLE! They dripped paint on the light, the door, and the trim! The side that you can't see is by far the worst.
This photo doesn't do the paint justice.  It is WAY worse then it looks in the photo. He put one coat of a rather dark color on top of white, which means you see white streaks throughout. And, as you can see, there's a little green on the trim that's around it. Definitely going to be repainted.
This is the old fuse box. It's not hooked up anymore, but it was left in the wall. As you can see, it's not very attractive. It's also been painted about 10 times. Oh yeah, and it's in the living room.
This is the stairway down to the basement. It's a little narrow, but manageable.
This is the main room in the basement. it's a little old fashioned, ok, it's just nasty. It's going to get a new floor, new wrapping around the support posts (blue things) and a lot of paint. The celling is also a bit low. Under the ducts, I can almost touch with my head.
Note that I've been making making fun of the house, but Ross said that's okay because these are the "before pictures". You should hear what he has to say about it. Now before you go questioning Ross's judgment, it is very structurally sound, except for the sagging celling in the living room. More on that later.


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