Friday, October 1, 2010

A Book that is epistemologically accurate

Something I've been thinking about lately is how inconsistent people are when they are trying to prove evolution, or that there is no God. So they write books about it, and make TV shows to show how right they are, and how it's impossible for there to be a God. Because if there was a God, "Then why would he let 'so and so' happen?", or "Why is there sin in the world?" Wait; What did he just say? "Sin"?  Well, if we all are cosmic dust, then what is sin? Who determines what is right and what i wrong? If there is no standard of ethic, then there is no absolute standard.
So, I've been thinking: "What if I wrote a book about a world where there was no God, and made it completely accurate?" What would a book like that look like.
Well, if some one was reading it, and skipped the preface, and jumped straight to chapter one, this is what they'ed see:
Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four:
Then End.

And after that maybe they'd read the epilogue, and it'd say something like this:
When I decided to write this book, I was stumped about how to start it. I couldn't use "In the beginning", or, "Once upon a time", or "Long, long ago" because all of those are referencing time. And time is something invented. This seems foreign to us because we can't imagine life any other way. We've never experienced anything where there was no time. It would be like trying to explain a fourth dimension. We simply cannot comprehend it because it's so unnatural for us. Our brains just don't understand it.  Whether or not there is a forth dimension is not in the scope of this book, the point of this book is to make you think, and ask questions.
(And you can now brag that you read a whole book in under five minutes)

Paul T. Leavitt


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