Friday, March 23, 2012

Extinguished Churches

“Stop by.No one’s burst into flames yet.”
I read that as I leafed through the few items in the mail today. I was like, “Huh?!?” so I flipped over the large card stock ad to read the back side. The last part of it said,
“Come to [our church] this Easter, wear whatever you want, and be yourself. We really want to show you how much fun getting to know God can be!”
It was a flyer for a church in our area. I still haven’t figured out how the front relates to the back, though maybe it served its purpose: to get me to flip it over and read the back. Though I have to wonder, by "No one's burst into flames yet," are they implying that they're just luke warm? Anyway . . .
I think that this is probably the most watery presentation of why one should come to church that I’ve ever heard (though I haven’t been around for very long, so I guess that that’s not saying much). Where’s the command to repentance? I don’t recall any section of the book of Acts in which the apostles told everybody how much fun getting saved was going to be. If “fun” is the only reason why people should “get to know God”, than I can see why it would be lower then a football game in most peoples lives. 


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