Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Five Love Languages Giveaway!!

As you'll recall, I'm reading this book, and I've talked to several people from our home church, and a lot of them have heard the name before, some not at all, but non of them have read it. It's such a great book, and I think that it should be high up on peoples reading lists. So, rather then simply bemoan it's lack of popularity, I thought I'd do something about it! So I am going to do my first blog giveaway! Since My reader base is mostly younger single's, I'll be giving away the singles edition. Depending on how well this goes, there will probably be more giveaways in the future. Bear in mind that this is my first giveaway, so I might not have all of the procedures quite right.

I will announce the winner at around 5pm on Tuesday the Twenty-Ninth! 

All entries must be submitted by 3 pm eastern standard time. so if you're on the west coast, by noon.

So here's the rules of engagement:

For one entry:
Follow this blog, and then leave a comment saying so (if you already are, then just leave a comment)

For one extra entry:
Link to this giveaway on your social networking site, and then leave a comment saying you did. (I.E. Facebook, twitter, Etc. I have no way of verifying this, so be honest) 

For two extra entries:
Link to this giveaway on your blog, and leave a comment here with with a URL to your blog post with the link.

So, if you do all of these you'll have a total of 4 entries! If you do multiple of these, leave a separate comment for each one (I.E. One for following, one for linking on facebook, and one for linking on your own blog)

Thanks a bunch!


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