Sunday, July 10, 2011

I could not have said it better

I found this as I was rabbit trail blogging (finding a blog, and then clicking a link on it to another blog and then doing that about 5 or 6 times). So here it is:

Greetings, Ladies
Christa asked me to be a guest blogger on her Empowered Traditionalist site and so for the first time here is an article which, whether you see yourself as a girl, woman or lady, I hope will encourage, inspire and dignify you.
Ten Things Guys Love About Girls
Before I begin there are a few things that I should mention. First of all, a little-known truth:  there are so many things about you which enchant us guys (those of us who are in touch with the higher brain functions ^_^) that this article will never be complete. I would be unable to speak on behalf of all men.  So, perhaps I should just add to it from time to time whenever I think or hear of something that we men love about you.
If you’re trusting and hoping that God will bring you a suitable man one day, then be encouraged, because you have so many ways of leaving us spellbound without even knowing it!  You may not consider yourself to be that attractive but you can win our attention without even trying.  You’re a girl, therefore logic and the law of probability dictate that sooner or later you will deeply impress a man, just the way He intended.
1/ We love your expressive behaviour, particularly the way your eyes smile and sparkle when you laugh.  We love that wide-eyed expression of yours when something excites or amazes you.  And to be truthful, we love that cute “puppy” face you use on us (come on, girls, you know the one I’m talking about! ^_^) when you want something – and what’s so infuriating is that it works! ^_^
2/ We love some of the mannerisms which you take for granted.  It might be something as simple as tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.  Such a “feminine” thing to do.
3/ We love what you do with your hair:  slide-combs, clips, grips, pony-tails, plaits, curls, waves, fringes, braids, bows and (a personal favorite) ribbons that flutter and dance behind you in the breeze when you walk around.

We love your frequent willingness to help or “problem-solve” in any situation.
5/ We love that confident but gentle way you carry yourselves.  Your poise and grace and the way your voices can sometimes have a soothing tone. Your uncontrived, guile-less manner so unlike the attention-seeking, manipulative ditziness of some others.
part 2 coming tomorrow….

I don't think there's anyway I could have been more descriptive then this young man. You know, most of the things he mentions are things that I find to be true, I just wouldn't have noticed them.
I think I'll leave it at that. Part two tomorrow.


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